Best Camouflage Makeup

Best Camouflage Makeup

After surgery, the main concern of many patients is how they will look and when will they be able to go out. Since the best camouflage makeup is already available on the market, covering those scars is now easy.

Well, we all know that the doctor can give you the “go” signal to go out after surgery. But you will have to decide whether you are ready and confident with the way you look. Camouflaging surgical incisions, bruising, discoloration (usually reddish or purplish) and the swelling will help you decide when you want to face the world again.

Choosing the best camouflage makeup to even out or conceal traces of surgery is one sign that you are ready. Most women prefer to use concealers to do the job, which make concealers the best camouflage makeup to use.

A few tips to use the best camouflage make-up to get the best results:
1. To effectively cover and conceal dark circles, mix a yellow eye shadow with the concealer.
2. For masking broken capillaries or reddish skin tones, adding a blue or green tint of eye shadow is helpful.
3. Before applying any makeup foundation to your pimple, dry it with a blow dryer set on low heat then use a yellow shade concealer or a concealer pencil to cover it. Finish it up with a loose powder.
4. To hide freckles and skin pigmentation, you have to moisturize the skin first before applying the best camouflage makeup concealer that is a shade lighter than the foundation that you will be using. Remember to conceal freckles and blemishes only if necessary as it will take a lot of makeup to cover it and might look unnatural. Don’t forget to finish it up with a shimmer-powder.
5. Since the outer corners of the eyes, the corners of the mouth and the nose bridge are the areas most prone to be dark, use extra attention when applying a camouflage makeup.

Remember to always finish the application with a loose powder to have a matte finish and for the makeup to stay longer. But if you really want to use the best camouflage makeup, try getting an Airbrush Makeup Kit. It is an all-around makeup kit for all your camouflage needs. Aside from that, the airbrush is so easy to use; just choose the foundation and spray. You will definitely have even, natural-looking and blemish-free skin.

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