Camouflage Cosmetics

Camouflage Cosmetics

People who undergo any surgical procedure will experience bruising, swelling and traces of incisions. But camouflage cosmetics can help you accentuate the new you and conceal evidence of plastic surgery until you are totally healed.

These products are specially formulated to mask any trace of surgery. They are fragrance free, hypo-allergenic and safe to use directly after the procedure.

Camouflage cosmetics come in 3 types and each serves a different purpose. There are contouring products, concealers and color-correctors. Knowing the right type of camouflage cosmetics to use is important for the best result.

The most popular camouflage cosmetic product is concealer. Any patient can typically use it to cover up scars, bruising and incision lines. A creamy concealer will be easiest and best to use since it blends in naturally with the rest of your face.

The next type is contouring products. These products are made up of a few vital elements needed to create a more natural-looking result. The first step is highlighter and then the contouring shadow. These products should be applied properly to mask certain areas of the face that might be swollen and still healing and draw the attention of the parts that are not. These types of camouflage cosmetics are often used by people who have undergone rhinoplasty or facial implant surgery.

Now, when discoloration and bruising appears after a surgery, color-correctors are the best camouflage cosmetic product to use. They come in two shades: lavender and green. The colors are used to balance the outcome of the healing process. Typically the lavender tint is best for bruises and green can hide the redness.

Camouflage cosmetics are not just for women, and that’s the good news. Anyone who is healing after plastic surgery; men, women, young and old can use it. But you still have to ask your doctor, as long as you are ready to be back on your usual routine you should be able to use camouflage cosmetics.

For easy cover-up, you can always use an Airbrush Makeup Kit. Airbrushing is one way to conceal any surgical traces on your face or on your body. It is so easy to use and it can create the natural effect that you need.

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