Camouflage Foundation

Camouflage Foundation


Camouflage cosmetics come in different varieties, one of which is camouflage foundation. Although there are different types of foundation, it always has the same purpose: to give you a smooth, even and natural-looking skin texture and tone. As with any other makeup, choosing the right camouflage foundation depends on your skin type.

There are 4 basic camouflage foundation types available on the market: water-based, oil-based, water-free and oil-free. Water-based foundations can be used on all types of skin, while oil-based is for dry and oil-free is for oily skin. Water-free is formulated to be very long-lasting and is often used for full and total coverage.

As a general rule when it comes to makeup application, your camouflage foundation should match your skin tone. Avoid using a darker or lighter shade of foundation to correct the overall appearance of your skin. It will definitely look unnatural and you could make your scar look worse. The proper ways of choosing the right shade is by applying some on your skin and then comparing the tints in natural light.

One trick for applying your camouflage foundation is by dabbing dots of foundation on the area and then blending into the skin in a circular motion using your fingers, instead of wiping it with a sponge. If you selected the right foundation for your skin and you blended it well, there shouldn’t be any visible scars or blemish.

If you intend to put on blush or any other cosmetic products, wait at least 5 minutes for the foundation to set. For blemishes, acne marks or any minor imperfections, a water-based camouflage foundation can be used. But for major coverage, water-free foundation is the best choice.

Whatever type of skin imperfection you want to conceal, choosing the right foundation and applying it correctly will always be the key. But for an easier way of hiding these flaws you can get an Airbrush Makeup kit. Airbrushing is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and lasts up to 12 hours.

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