Camouflage Make-Up for Scars

Camouflage Make-Up for Scars

Nowadays, concealing scars is no longer a big problem. There are a lot of ways to improve the appearance of the skin’s imperfections. Using a camouflage makeup for scars is one way to do it. Here are some camouflage makeup techniques to use for scars.

1. Know what type of scar you have – whether it’s raised or has creases, camouflage makeup for scars can still cover it.

2. Buy corrective camouflage makeup either online or at any store – we already know that this type of camouflage make-up is specifically formulated for scars, making it easier to use and apply and can stay longer. This type is also more effective at covering scars. But the important make-up rule still applies; choose the shade that is close to your skin tone for a more natural finish.

3. Clean the area well before applying make-up – if you will be applying camouflage make-up for scars on your face, wash it with a facial scrub to clean it well followed by a moisturizer before applying the make-up. This way your face will have a smooth, even finish after the application.

4. For scars with creases, apply a foundation first and let it set for about 5 minutes. Use a foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone. If the scar is reddish, use a green corrector before applying the foundation. Remember, do not overdo it. Let it set for a few minutes to avoid “caking”.

5. Use a blended foundation that matches your skin tone. Use your fingertips to apply it on the scars. Make sure that the camouflage make-up for scars that you will be using is closest to your natural skin tone. Let it set for a few minutes.
6. Using a small powder brush, finish it up by applying powder to your face, a bit more to the scarred area, and the brush off excess powder with larger brush.

You will have a natural finish after using a camouflage make-up for scars and if you followed these steps. It may take a while for you to master these techniques, but as time goes by you will be able to do it.

If you are not sure that you will be able to have the perfect cover-up for the scar using a camouflage make-up for scars, I suggest you use an Airbrush Make-up kit instead. It is so convenient to use, and it can last longer without any touch-ups. Airbrushing can also give you the coverage that you want from your camouflage make-up.

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